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Growing Ideas, Uplifting Brands.

We Believe In Good Storytelling and Good Design. We Are A Design and Creative Storytelling Studio, That Creates A Good Looking Fresh.

GC Studios is a St.Louis, Missouri based graphic communication and advertising creative solution studio. Created in 2008.
Established in 2016

We are thinkers at the core. Our process begins with fostering ideas to make sure the best thought is developed into its full potential. All it takes is that one word, sketch, or 10 minute conference call. We believe there are many ways to do things. Finding the best way to get the job done is our focus. Once we help our clients unlock that idea, the company's brand begins to expand. Once that idea has fully blossomed, the tools of storytelling are applied. Storytelling is a craft. We make sure we give it tender loving and care. We pin-point our clients best moments to convey to their target audience. We craft a story campaign that best fits the objective. The concept is then laid down for the design process to begin. We are artist that bring a new lens to design. We believe design is forever, so why not give our clients something that will stand the test of time?

who we are
Craig Harris

Creative Director/Partner

Greg Harris

Account Manager/Partner

what we do

Our motto at GC Studios is to Grow and Conquer. We live by those two words. The work that we do bleeds our motto. Our mission is to uplift your company's brand identity by providing fresh, smart, logical design and storytelling. We believe there is no reason that any company, big or small, should not have a good brand. Great graphic communication solutions attract new customers, and keep regular customers coming back. The goal is to get consumers to connect with your brand. This is based on what they see...and what is that? The logo, slogan, and art aesthetic, along with services or goods being presented. If we can make that happen for our clients then we accomplished our mission. Here at GC Studio we focus on seven elements of effective advertising

  • Brand Identity and Print
  • Web Design and Development
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Digital Communication
  • Message/VoiceOver
  • Corporate Presentation Solutions
  • Educational eLearning Design

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